because REAPER is not "free" ...
(you not only have to click a NAG screen and can continue)  if you are an individual 
and REAPER is only for your personal use, or you are not planning to release anything 
made with it you don´t have to care. But in Theory... bla..bla..
This is the only reason i don´t promote reaper here too :) only to take note... 

To keep things simple and short again...

If you are looking for a 100% free DAW comparable with Studio One, Protools or Logic, 
well you may have found it. and yes it´s completely free and rocksolid!
Sitenote for Sonar Platinum users…

The online PC results show a true Platinum version of SONAR but without all the goodies. All the rest is stripped out:

  • No soft synths besides the legacy TTS-1 and the old four Studio Instruments (E-piano, Strings, Bass and Drum)
  • No Fx Plugins besides the legacy Sonitus ones and Overloud TH3
  • No Melodyne
  • No V-Vocal
  • No Drum Replacer
  • No audio content (only a few midi clips)
  • Only a few ProChanel FX
  • No presets or very few in the different categories
  • etc…
  • Oh ! And no documentation
  • once the product is activated, you don’t have to be connected. You can work offline, no problemo. As soon as the installation/activation was done I pulled out the cable.

Once installed, it took the parameters of my previously installed Sonar version but had to scan through the VST plugins.

Both version reside well without interfering to one another.

I have tried a few existing projects and they are working as expected and the remaining of the functionalities tested so far seems to be as it was left by GIBSON.

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