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To explain, these are the artist names listed on German library LPs (typically of “The X Orchestra” or “X and His Orchestra” kind) for which the alias does not appear for writing credits, and can’t be tied with certainty to a specific composer. Artist names tied to a related composer alias, such as “Juan Erlando and His Orchestra” are not included here, but can be found ID-ed in the German/Austrian composer alias list. If the name is only identified by a single name, I have included the full group name for context.
Sometimes these only appear on a single release or track, and sometimes several. Some are seemingly obvious when seen in light of their associated composers, such as “Cliff Hammer” and Hans Hammerschmid, but many are not – and some might be entirely unrelated to the composers. My guesses in brackets, followed by a question mark.
Any additions, input and speculation warmly welcome. Your guess is likely to be just as good as mine, haha.

Al Saxon (Konrad Wolf?)
Alexander Martin
Andy Klinkerstone (Konrad Wolf?)
Anthony Cumberland
Antonio Santos
Antony Wood
Armand Versailles
Ben Batosch
Ben Bernard
Ben Cooper (Walter Kubiczeck?)
Benito Bernardo
Benito Gonzalez
Benno Wagner
Benny Saltzman
Bernd Bernbach
Berry Simon
Bert Jackson
Billy’s (Heribert Thusek)
Bob Morris
Bobby Lee (Earl Sheldon?)
Bobby Setter (Robert Valere “Bob” Verhelst, belgian orchestra leader and vocalist.)
Bud Taylor/Bud Tailor
Buster Beaton
Charles Brissot
Charlie’s Oldtimers (Hagen “Charles” Galatis)
Chester Phillips
Chuck Freeman (Helmuth Brandenburg)
Cliff Hammer (Hans Hammerschmid)
Conny Louis
Conny van Dyck
Daniel Clay
Dave’s Funnybones (Wolfgang Mäder-Konrad Wolf (David “Dave” Ordini)?)
Dave Martin (Fritz Maldener?)
Dave Perkins
David Rosenstein
David Summerfield (Manfred Minnich)
Django Silver
Don Carlos
Don Kipling
Eddy Coulter
Edmund Högemann (Pianist.)
Felix Morton (Fritz Maldener?)
Fernando Mendoza (Konrad Wolf?, Hans Ehrlinger?)
Francis Broke/Francis Brooke (Earl Sheldon/Jane Jarvis?)
Frank’s Dixielanders (Franz Frankenberg?)
Frank Alamo (Heinz Meier?)
Frank Madison (Earl Sheldon/Jane Jarvis?)
Frank Thomas
Fred Forster (allegedly Werner Drexler)
Fritz Sonnleitner
Gary Boston (Earl Sheldon?)
George Blackmore
George’ De Mood
George King (Kai Rautenberg?)
George Winters (Gerhard Narholz, possibly in collaboration with Manfred Minnich?)
Gerry Day (Wolfgang Dauner)
Goody Gudera (Wolfgang Mäder?, Werner von Overheidt?)
Hal Branden (Helmuth Brandenburg?)
Hans Hatter (Heinz Hötter?)
Hans Herchenhan (actually Herchenhahn. German(?) violinist.)
Harry Man (Harald “Harry” Winkler-Rauter?)
Harry Howard (Heinz Hötter?)
Harry West
Henry Beatinger (Harald “Harry” Winkler-Rauter)
Henry Jackson
Henry King
Henry Malberg (Fritz Maldener?)
Henry Monza (Erich Schneider-Reinerz?)
Herbert Schuster
Honky John
Howard Jones
Ivo Ivanovic
Jack Barner
Jack Hammer (Hans Hammerschmid?)
Jack Summer
Jack Wolfe (Hans Wolf-Kraus)
James Douglas (Fritz Maldener?)
The Jay Five (German instrumental beat group, “Jay Five” referring to the five members’ nicknames; “Jock”, “Jerry”, “Jay”, “Joe” and “Jiggs”.)
Jay Harmon (Chris Striegler/Heinz Kretzschmar?)
Jerome Munafo (Ruggero Munafo, belgian guitarist, composer and arranger.)
Joe & Harry (Joe Satory (= Hans Ehrlinger) and Heribert “Harry” Thusek?)
Joe Candlelight (Herbert Küster?)
Joe Corney (Eduard Koeck?)
Joe Fender (Frank Pleyer?)
Joe Palmer
Joe Scott (Hans Ehrlinger)
Joe Swingman (Hans Ehrlinger?)
John Oxford
John Popking (Hans Ehrlinger?)
John van Zoot
John Wallis
K & K
Kai Martin
Kenny Bird (Fritz Maldener?)
King Mauna (Horst Reipsch-Horst Ackermann?)
Kookie Freeman (Helmuth Brandenburg)
Kosta Lukacs
Lado (Fritz Münzer/Jürgen Wolter?)
Larry Cooper
Leo Mann (Theo Schumann)
Leo Silvestri
Les Searle
Lester Cleveland
Lester Mahl (Fritz Maldener?)
Lew Howard (Howard Lucraft)
Lord Chester
Louis Voss
Lucky Simon (Benito “Luciano” Simoncini, also cover name for one or more Polish orchestra leaders?)
Maurice Pop (Fritz Maldener)
Marcus Österdahl
Mario Monte
Martin Brandl
Master Jo
Mc Daniel
Mel Pike (Marcel Clement D. Picavet, belgian orchestra leader.)
Michael Coster (Michael Stenz + Klaus Köster?)
Michael Kent
Michael Oliver
Mike Moore (Wolfgang Mürmann)
Mister Wendelin
Mr. Swoboda (Karl Swoboda)
Nick Forest
Norman Barry
Pat Michael (Robert “Bob” Sharples?)
Perry London
Pete Springfield
Peter Adams
Peter Asam
Peter Franklin
Peter Gordon (Peter Sander-Gordon Langford)
Peter Johns
Peter Trom (pun, “Trompeter”)
Phil Chrysander
Pierre Lavin (Helmuth Brandenburg)
Pitt Fontana
Ralf Burger
Ralph Boston (Mladen Franko/Horst Reipsch)
Ralph Haldenby (Uwe Buschkötter in a wig?)
Ray Eden
Raymond Hill
René Clermont
Rex Brown (Friedel Berlipp?)
Riccardo Riccione
Rich Hendersen
Richie Hillman
Robby’s Dixieland Seven
Robert James (Giuseppe Solera?)
Robert Wittman
Roger Flynn (Konrad Wolf?)
Roland Baker
Rolf and Klaus (Rolf Kühn(?) and Klaus Doldinger)
Romain Domani (Jacques Romain-Franco Domani = Benny Gebauer-Heribert Thusek)
Roman Duke
Ron Beirman/Ron Biermann
Ron Dixon
Ronny Winter
Sam Gold
Sandor Posa
Sandy Love
Shorty Malden (Fritz Maldener?)
Sir Fletcher
Sparky (an unnamed female vocalist)
Stan Jackson (Hans Ehrlinger?)
Stan Reeves
Stan Stanfield
Sue Adams (Harald “Harry” Winkler-Rauter)
Sunny Beam
Sunny Livingstone (Benny Gebauer, possibly Konrad Wolf? Pictured*.)
Sunny Lord
Ted Berger
Tim Barry
Tino Martini (Trumpeter.)
Tom “Love Joy” Mason
Tommy Haggard
The Two Beats (Hans Ehrlinger/Gerhard Narholz?)
The Voo Doo’s (Helmuth Brandenburg?)
Walt Peters (Peter Waldenmeier?)
Walter Heller

* hxxp://

Lord Thames

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